The holistic treatment dentist does not only consider and treat isolated organs: the mouth and all its incorporated structures. Much more, he considers the connection of the mouth with all the organs of the body and the elements of life energy such as breath, nutrition, digestion, sleep and psyche.

Homeopathy is a specific, stimulating therapy. This means that the organism is stimulated with small doses of selected substances. Thereby, medications are taken which in higher doses cause the same symptoms as those being treated. The goal is to stimulate the self-regulating activity of the organism. Through the "battle" with the stimulation, the organism is able to heal the actual sickness by its own strength. The therapy is always individual and with a specific purpose.

Homeopathic medications are prescribed in my practice according to reliable indications, and according to the main symptoms. In some cases however, the symptoms and indications are so complex that one requires a complete repetition to find the right medication. Homeopathy is not necessarily a method which is better than treatments in clinics and hospitals. In certain cases of infections in the mouth and facial region, the use of allopathic medications is unavoidable. However, Homeopathy rounds off the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in the school medicine and is often the gentler way to recovery.