Cosmetic treatment

Under the term cosmetic dentistry we generally mean all steps that contribute to improve the "aesthetics" of functionally healthy teeth.

These include:
Bleaching or lightening.
Orthodontic corrections.
Veneers (Ceramic facades glued over discoloured front teeth)
Form adjustments of the teeth.

1. Bleaching or lightening of teeth

We often see teeth that discolour or darken after a root canal treatment. This is very unattractive, especially in the front-tooth region. To avoid having to overcrown the tooth, it is possible to lighten the colour of the tooth to match up with neighboring teeth. Furthermore, it is possible to lighten the colour of all teeth in one jaw. This treatment can also be done at home. Exact instructions on how to use the bleaching material are given. Since wrong usage may cause side effects, this treatment must be supervised.

2. Orthodontic correction

In our practice we only treat lightly skewed teeth. For more severe orthodontic corrections we refer you to an orthodontic surgery.

3. Veneers

These are extremely thin ceramic facades which can be used to cover the surface of the front teeth. This procedure is useful for cracked, discoloured, wide-spaced or just slightly damaged teeth to avoid an overcrowning.

4. Form adjustments and closing of smaller spaces between front teeth

Cosmetic corrections are generally not paid by medical insurance; however, it is worthwhile to ask.