Dr. Joern-Oliver Noffke

BChD Univ. Pretoria
Master of Science in Oral Implantology
Qualified Member of the "Bundesverband Naturheilkundiger Zahnärzte"


02/84 - 06/89
Dental studies at Pretoria University, South Africa.

16. June 1989
Awarded the "Bachelor of Dentistry" (BChD)

29. November 1989
Approbation as dentist.

Further career information:

08/89 - 08/91
Dental assistant.

Seit 08/91
Self employed dentist in Vaihingen/Enz.

22. November 1996
Awarded the titles "Dr. med. dent." from the Department of the Mouth-Jaw-Facial Surgery at Ulm University.

20.May 2004
Certified Implantologie:
Proven practice of implantologie treatment according to the "Deutsche Gesellschaft for Implantologie (DGI)", and the "Akademie Praxis and Wissenschaft (APW)".

25.August 2004
Permission to use to title "Dental treatment specialising in Implantologie (BdiZ).

Further Education:

  • Further studies and seminars for total dental care and treatment. Final exams for homopathy.
  • Physioenergetik nach v. Assche
  • Implantologie and implantologie Prothetik
  • Function diagnose (Treatment of head and facial pain due to jaw problems.
  • Various seminars for orthodonitics.

Specialising in:

  • Implantologie.
  • Parodontologie.
  • Complete Dental medicine and homopathy.

Special care:

  • Treatment without involving the use of metals.
  • Fully ceramic bridges and crowns.
  • Fully ceramic implants.

Member of the following organisations:

Bundesverband der implantologisch tätigen Zahnärzte (BdiZ)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde (DGZMK)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie (DGP)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie (DGI)
Parodontosehilfe e.V. (gemeinnütziger Verein)
Internationale Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahnmedizin e.V. (GZM)
Bundesverband der naturheilkundigen Zahnärzte (BNZ)
Vereinigung für wissenschaftliche Zahnheilkunde

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